A Productivity Monitoring Tool for Service Sector Enterprises

Do You Know???

Which Client is Consuming Maximum Resources?

Which Service is Consuming Maximum Time?

How well your team is performing on each work?

How much productive your team is?

Who is the most punctual team member in your team?

Who's doing what sort of work most frequently?

If you don't have answers? You need rTool.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

rTool Features

Focused on Internal Process

rTool is your software to manage internal process of the office. It will take care of the human hour invested.

Easiest Task/Ticket Creation

A token based system for working. Generate a ticket in less than a minute before starting any work.

Evaluate Performance

You can assess each task completed by your subordinate team members for performance improvement.

Summarize Work

On the basis of the tickets created for each task you will be able to summarize the performance of your team.

Simplified Interface

Very simple interface with least inputs from users yet a powerful reporting too which will give you clear picture of your organization.

Reporting without Reporting

Automatic reporting system will boost your team's performance. Get reported without reporting.

Client Satisfaction

Satisfy your client by sending them SMS on receipt of any complaint/task from them. Send SMS on completion of the task assigned.

Result Oriented

Evaluate performance of your team member by assessment of the task completed on the basis of time taken and solution given.

Graphical Analysis

Get information in the graphical format on your dashboard. Graphical information will help you visualize your current position.




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A productivity-boosting package for growing business

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Custom SMS Drafting

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* You can add more team members at additional cost.
++ Basic Modules: Framework, Ticket Management, Client Management, Employee Management
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Team rTool

Vikrant Pandya

Founder & Imaginator

Founder, OneFORM.in & Co-founder, AuroMeera.com

Naiem Jadeja

Developer & Executor

Sr. Developer, AuroMeera Technometrix Pvt. Ltd.